Team Total Score
1 Eau Rouge  2102
2 Ryan L. 2077
3 Balance of Perf. 1929
4 Speedgeek 1913
5 Madiba 1904
6 Dave 1903
7 J.L. Stickers 1851
8 Off the Pace 1761
9 Loose Seals 1647
10 Squared Circle 1632
11 Allen 1317
12 Doug 982


Week Twenty Three

No time for a detailed breakdown this week, but Evan (Madiba Motorsports) led the way with a massive 258 points, followed by Dave with 213, then me with 190, then Ryan H. (Eau Rouge) with 186 and Sean (Jordan Loves Stickers) with 182. Movement all over the place, but...

Week Sixteen

Leading the way this week was Evan (Madiba Motorsports) with 154 points (a win, a 2nd, a 12th, a 13th, a 15th and a 16th), followed by Jesse (Loose Seals) with 152 (a 4th, a 5th, a 6th, a 7th, a 12th and a 20th), then Ryan H. (Eau Rouge) with 150 (a win, a 3rd, an...

Week Fifteen

Holy smokes, what a topsy-turvey week. Leading the way was Pat (Balance of Performance) with a huge 214 points (two wins, a 3rd, a 4th, an 8th, a 13th and 4 bonus points), followed by me (Squadra Speedgeek) with 193 (a win, a 4th, two 5ths, an 8th and 3 bonus points),...

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